Why Planting a Forest is in Our Mission

Why Planting a Forest is in Our Mission

At EMBE, with every purchase made on our site, we plant one tree.

We do this because as a small business, we try and find every way for us to reduce our carbon footprint. Between shipping goods to our customers and receiving our products from manufacturers, there is little we can do to avoid to not contribute to the pollution. By planting trees with every purchase, we are able to offset the carbon released in shipping processes. 

What does carbon offsetting even mean?

Carbon offsetting is "an action intended to compensate for the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of industrial or other human activity, especially when quantified and traded as part of a commercial program." 

We also want our customers to be apart of this process, which is why after you make a purchase you will receive an email asking you to plant the tree under your name in our forest. We know that most of our customers are travelers who are conscious of their impact while traveling. We know not everyone is able to spend money on clothes right now, but you still have the opportunity to plant a tree!

If you go to this link, you can plant a tree for just $1 and join our forest. 



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