At West to East, we want to offer our customers the best quality clothing while being the most comfortable out there all while being mindful of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Sustainability is something every single brand should be striving for, and we are already on our way to becoming totally sustainable!

Each of our fabrics has a sustainable aspect to them, whether it was eco-dyed or the fabric content itself. By 2021, we hope to have every aspect of the fabric eco-friendly. 

The most exciting aspect of our brand is that we work with EcoEnclose and offer fully recycled and recyclable packaging. Everything that your West to East product is shipped in is made from recycled materials AND can easily be recycled at home. 

We also plant one tree with every order in partnership with Tree-Nation. Check out this page to learn more about how we are offsetting our carbon footprint. 

We can't wait to be able to offer you the most sustainable products in the next year.